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  • We believe God created individual men and women and endowed them with agency, unlimited potential, and the ability to govern themselves.


  • We believe families are ordained of God and that the most important work we do is found within the walls of our homes.


  • We believe the sovereign family is the basic unit of a free society.


  • We believe education should mold character as well as develop the mind.


  • We believe families, institutions, communities, and nations rise and fall, flourish or fail, at the hands of their leaders.


  • We believe leadership should be the exercise of moral influence, not coercion, in the service of leading others to new and lofty heights in the human experience.


  • We believe governments are institutions of men that derive their power from the consent of the governed.


  • We believe, whether in our homes, communities, or institutions of work and worship, each of us will be called to lead at some point in our lives and that Leadership Education best prepares leaders to successfully answer those calls.

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