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QUEST 1 & 2

What qualities do some of the most positively impactful people in the world have in common?

Whether studying Martin Luther, Patrick Henry, Harriet Tubman, or Mohandas Gandhi, there are traits that are universal, enduring, self-evident, and timeless. Quest invites scholars to dive into the complex lives and work of incredible people. Do we dismiss a person’s work because they believe something we don’t or did something wrong? How did they face obstacles, roadblocks, tests, trials, and traps? Can we find patterns in their lives that help us become better people ourselves? What habits and traits can we develop to increase our ability to become people of positive impact?


In-depth reading, writing, discussion, exams, oral presentations, research, and exploration of these ideas catapult a scholar’s vision, mission, abilities, skills, and knowledge to an exciting new level! Quest scholars will be amazed at what they are truly capable of as they begin to purposefully add value to the world in Quest 1 & 2!

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