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Through making, growing, raising, harvesting, selling, and more, Georgics Scholars experience the tangible, real results of the 7 Georgic Principles: Providence, Mission, Self-Validation, Ownership, Community Stewardship, Local Interdependence, and Entrepreneurialism.

Learn to value the principles of liberty while earning ribbons for reading George Washington’s Farewell Address, participating in a Constitutional Convention simulation, researching a Revolutionary Hero, and more, with Key of Liberty!

From comedy to tragedy, Shakespeare Conquest invites students to discover patterns of human nature, while developing their love of language. Character development and acting, Shakespearean insults (the scholars LOVE them), a Shakespeare Fair, and Spring Production are all exciting and engaging parts of this transformative project!

From the Civil War in Sword of Freedom to World War II in Hero Project, scholars will explore the causes, impacts, and principles of war through experiences like singing songs of the Civil War, participating in a Battle of Gettysburg simulation, and grow to understand the power of individual choice by creating a long-term hero project of their own.

Conduct your own scientific research, discover and discuss patterns and natural laws, develop the habits of a scientist, and learn to identify logical fallacies! Pyramid Project will increase your understanding of the universe and the people who shared their hard-earned discoveries with the world!

QUEST 1&2 (Pre-requisites - Pyramid Project or the like) Our world has been changed for the better by leaders who have had the character and competence to create a positive impact when and where it was needed! How were these leaders prepared to find and live their missions? And how can we be more like them? Through in-depth reading, writing, oral presentations, and more, scholars will reach the end of Quest 1 & 2 with confidence in their ability to add value to the world, and be amazed at what they are truly capable of! 

QUEST 3 (Pre-requisites - Quest 1&2) 
Deep dive into the worldview and principles that have shaped humanity, learn about effective personal and public government, refine your own principle-based ideas by writing a Personal Manifesto, and prepare to defend or argue your case in a Supreme Court Simulation! Quest 3 is a seriously intensive and rewarding scholar project!

Develop your artistic abilities through Classical Acting! Are you interested in dance, theater, music, or the visual or media arts? Pursue those interests, survey some of the greatest works of all time, including classic plays and myths, learn from watching professional productions and create, produce and perform a play while increasing your ability to express yourself effectively and meaningfully!

By creating and executing a long-term project of their own creation and interest in Edison Project, scholars will use the building blocks they’ve accumulated in previous scholar projects and begin to become who they are meant to be! This is a unique phase of life in which time can be dedicated to pursuing one project with concerted attention, with the guidance of appropriate mentors, and the results are incredible! This capstone LEMI project is not to be missed!

FAMILY FOUNDATIONS - A parent class to strengthen families, visiting principles and patterns of learning, growth, vision, and mission.  

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