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QUEST 1, 2, & 3


KEY OF LIBERTY is a 2-semester project. In the first semester we will study the Revolutionary War. Students learn how to express their opinions by writing a series of six opinion papers the first semester and nine the second semester. They learn how to study difficult documents in our document studies, how to give a fantastic presentation in class, how to read informative classics, and, probably the most challenging and rewarding of them all, memorize the “Declaration of Independence.” By the end of the first semester the students have gained a love and respect for the founders of their country and have discovered that, just like their founders, they can do hard things.

In the second semester, we delve into the Post Revolutionary War Era and study the document that holds this country together, The Constitution of the United States of America.

SHAKESPEARE CONQUEST is a 2-semester fun, interactive, immersion approach to studying the heightened language of one of the greatest bards who ever lived. During the first semester students study one play in depth, discussing a few scenes at a time. They are challenged through the “Royal Challenge” to watch, listen to, or read 17 plays during the same semester. When they do, they are crowned a king or queen! Over the course of the semester there are lectures on interesting poetic nuances, they learn to create a vocabulary list, write papers and give presentations on Elizabethan times. During the second semester students have actors’ training and put on a real Shakespeare play for the community in the spring!

SWORD OF FREEDOM/ HERO PROJECT - The first semester of this two semester project will take us into the depths of the Civil War.  Through readings, discussions, opinion papers, and presentations, and debates, the practice scholars will wrestle with important concepts and develop valuable skills.  The second semester will take us through World War II through readings, discussions, simulations, opinion papers, and presentations.  The practice scholars will have the opportunity to earn a Civil War replica sword by their hard work, dedication, and participation.

PYRAMID PROJECTMentors learn a whole new approach to math and science focused on a holistic method. The study of the subject of truth; Its structure - Logic; Its method - Habits of a Scientist; and its language - Math. Learn how to use Logic, Science and Math in order to get to the truth. 2nd semester continues building on the first semester while adding Philosophy and expressing opinions in the form of simple essays.

QUEST 3 (Pre-requisites - Quest 1&2) - A continuation of Quest, but intensified and more advanced.  Students really dig in and learn how to read better, write better, understand documents in depth and publicly speak. Each scholar will receive individual coaching with a writing mentor and the opportunity to develop good self-management skills.

FAMILY FOUNDATIONS - Enrichment and inspiration for your family's leaders.  This class is meant to strengthen family's foundations by offering suggestions of time-tested patterns, routines, and practices.

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