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Q:  What is ALTUS Family Liber Academy?

A:  ALTUS is a community of homeschooling families that gathers on a weekly basis to participate in Scholar Projects and Junior Program classes. ALTUS offerings are supplementary to a student's education, and do not aim to provide the entirety of their learning. We have two ALTUS groups - Desert Willow serving the Tucson area south of Irvington and Ironwood serving the Tucson area north of Irvington


Q:  What is the educational philosophy at ALTUS?

A:  This question is best answered with what we call the ALTUS Golden Circle and the ALTUS Creed.

     ALTUS Golden Circle:

  • WHY- Everyone deserves a leadership education that will prepare them to discover and fulfill their unique missions in life. Individuals and families are happiest when  men and women are living their missions.

  • HOW- ALTUS provides member families with the vision, support, mentoring, and relationships necessary for pursuing a leadership education in a Liber School setting. To this end we implement, but are not defined by, principles outlined in A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille, and developed by LEMI (Leadership Education Mentoring Institute).

  • WHAT- ALTUS Family Liber Academy is a community of families that gathers together to participate in Scholar Projects and Junior School classes.

      ALTUS Creed:

We believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. That families, communities, institutions, and nations flourish or fail at the hands of their leaders.

We believe that leadership should be the exercise of moral influence, not coercion, in the service of leading others to new and lofty heights in the human experience.

We believe that families are ordained of God, and that the most important work any of us will ever do is found within the walls of our own homes.

We believe that education should mold one’s character as well as develop one’s mind.

We believe that the sovereign family is the basic unit of a free society.

We believe that governments are institutions of men that derive their power from the consent of the governed.

We believe that whether in our homes, communities, or institutions of work and worship, each of us will be called to lead at some point in our lives.

We believe that a Leadership Education best prepares leaders to successfully answer those calls.


Q:  What age groups can participate?

A:  All ages are welcome, from babies to grandparents.


Q:  When do you meet and for how long?

A:  We meet for “school” on Thursdays from 9:15 am to 2:30 pm.  We also have regular parent book discussions, scholar nights, field trips, park meet-ups, performances, and other family activities.


Q:  When does each semester start and end?

A:  The fall 2024 semester starts the first week of August and ends the first week of December, with a two week fall break at the end of September.  The spring 2024 semester starts in the beginning of January and ends early May, with a two week spring break in March.

Q:  Can my family join at any time in the school year?

A:  Families may join at any time..  However, we do have a cap of 32 families, and therefore, encourage anyone interested in joining to apply as soon as possible. If joining mid semester, fees are prorated.


Q:  What can I expect if my family is put on the waiting list?

A:  If your family is put on the waiting list, please know that we are anxious to find a place for you in our Liber Community. While you wait, we ask that you attend parent meetings with us. These meetings happen 3-4 times per semester.  This will give us the opportunity to get to know each other, establish friendships, and acquaint you with our unique ALTUS culture and educational philosophy.


Q:  Where do you meet?

A:  Desert Willow classes are held at Christ Presbyterian Church.

Ironwood classes are held at Desert Valley Adventist Church.


Q:  What is the cost to participate?

A:  The fees change slightly from semester to semester. Below are approximate costs:

  • Rent for facility:  $100 per family per semester.

  • Insurance:  $11 per person per year.

  • Administrative fee:  $25 per family per semester.

  • Class fees:  Each Scholar Project and Junior Program class has its own fee that is used to pay for class supplies and is collected prior to each new semester. Scholar Projects range from approximately $35 to $45 per semester. Junior School classes range from $5 to $25. Total fees for a family will vary depending on the age of the student and the number of students in a family. 


Q:  What is expected of parents?

A:  Because ALTUS operates much like a cooperative and run entirely by volunteer efforts, parent members are asked to volunteer their time and talents to mentor classes and help in administrative duties. What follows is a list of the most common ways parents volunteer:   

  • Be the lead mentor in at least one class each semester.

  • Be a helper during the school day in classes for which you are not the lead mentor.  

  • Be on a rotating cleaning schedule.  Every family is asked to stay after school a couple of times each semester for about 1 hour to help clean the facility.

  • Be on a rotating devotional schedule.  Every family is asked to lead the weekly morning devotional once each school year.

  • Attend regular parent meetings. These meetings are required.

  • Stay on campus the entire school day. We are not a drop-off school.

  • Pay school fees in a timely manner.

  • Arrive on time to school, stay for the whole day, and commit to attending every week (excepting illness and vacation).

  • Give your best to our students each week!

  • Hold a board or committee position, when right for both the individual and the school.

Q:  Is ALTUS a religious school/community?

A:  ALTUS is not affiliated with any specific religion or church. However, because most of our families come from the Judeo-Christian tradition, our worldview is Judeo-Christian.  As such, ALTUS welcomes making God a part of our community culture. For example, our weekly devotional includes an opening prayer. This does not mean that families with a different, or without a faith tradition are not welcome. ALTUS does not engage in religious proselyting.

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