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  • Read and discuss two Shakespeare plays in depth

  • Write a summary of one of the Shakespeare plays discussed

  • Write opinion papers on subjects they come across in the play

  • Become familiar with the meanings of Common Old English Terms/Vocabulary

  • Read, listen to, and/or watch 15 Additional Shakespeare Plays

  • Become familiar with Iambic Pentameter

  • Make 1 or more Presentations on an Elizabethan Era topic

  • Memorize and Recite an assigned Setpiece or Soliloquy

  • Help plan and participate in a Family Shakespeare Fair

  • Participate in Actors' Training

  • Put on a real Shakespeare Play for the Community

  • and more....

SHAKESPEARE CONQUEST is a 2-semester fun, interactive, immersion approach to studying the heightened language of one of the greatest bards who ever lived. During the first semester students study one play in depth, discussing a few scenes at a time. They are challenged through the “Royal Challenge” to watch, listen to, or read 17 plays during the same semester. When they do, they are crowned a king or queen! Over the course of the semester there are lectures on interesting poetic nuances, they learn to create a vocabulary list, write papers and give presentations on Elizabethan times. During the second semester students have actors’ training and put on a real Shakespeare play for the community in the spring!

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